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Situated on the broad Alirio Ugarte Pelayo Avenue, in Monagas state, STAUFFER HOTEL MATURÍN, well-known for its first-class attention and its excellent and most complete service, welcomes and invites you to feel the satisfaction of staying at the most comfortable and modern hotel facilities available.

In 183,014 square feet, from a total area of 328,672 square feet, STAUFFER HOTEL MATURÍN offers you exclusive and modern facilities distributed in harmonic and airy spaces that take advantage of the climate, the vegetation and the natural light to create cozy atmospheres that evoke the traditional Venezuelan architectural style. Our spacious two story lobby offers you the best comfort, with its main lounge, bathrooms, intimate bar and an area of "executive lounge".

At STAUFFER HOTEL MATURÍN you will enjoy our ample and comfortable rooms and elegant suites where you will have, besides a deserving rest, pleasant panoramic views of the city. In our restaurant, a wide variety of culinary options and our first class service will certainly delight you. Our soda fountain will receive you by the swimming pool and will invite you to visit the open air terrace.

For your relax and entertainment, STAUFFER HOTEL MATURÍN counts on a well-equipped gym, a beauty parlor and an extraordinary swimming pool of 5,652 square feet, with fountains and Jacuzzi included, where you will see a wonderful show of lights at night. Also, STAUFFER HOTEL MATURÍN has at your disposal meeting rooms, shops and business premises, cable TV, domestic and international direct dialing, medical attention, travel agency, tours, excursions, guided tours to oil companies, car rental service and a private parking area with a capacity of 200 vehicles, among other advantages.

STAUFFER HOTEL MATURÍN is located in the north of the city, considered as the most privileged area of Maturín. This area is consolidated as the socioeconomic center par excellence since many important multinational consortia set up there, along with leisure centers (San Miguel Golf Club) and a commercial complex (Petroriente shopping center and Monagas Plaza Shopping Mall) which are on a par with the requirements of quality of life and status of those who take part in the market that constitutes the axis of the Alirio Ugarte Pelayo Avenue. At the same time, the northern area of Maturín offers a harmonic and pleasant contrast with a practically virgin landscape as well as the convenient proximity to the main and more diverse natural charms of the region, such as: The Guácharo cave, a very important natural monument and one of the few sanctuaries of this oil bird worldwide, located in the Macizo Oriental (Eastern Massif), an important refuge of woods and springs for this region; the caves Grande, Quijano, Morocaima, and De Alfonzo; the Orinoco Delta; the pools of Laguna Grande, The Balta River, Maraquero, Chorrerón, Miraflores, La Paila, La Bomba, El Punto and the Aparicio waterfalls; The lakes Los Desorejados, Guarguapo, Guatero, Saladero and Barrancas; The San Juan River (famous for the phenomenon of ebb tide); The Gruta de los Morrocoyes (Grotto of tortoises); Uverito National Park; the sulfurous hot springs of el Morro de Caripito; the Río Caripe beaches; La Guaricha Park, as well as other places so appreciated by tourists as San Simón and San Antonio churches, the Uyapari Archaeological Museum and countless colonial historical monuments.

This booming region of the northeast of Venezuela highlights as the center of a collection of natural resources and becomes a pole of great attraction for investors thanks to its clear, safe and permanent policies.

San Antonio Town
Entrance of the Guácharo Cave
Caripe Town
El Playón
Church at San Antonio Town
La Paila Waterfall